Best bang-for-the-buck range ammo, sub MOA accuracy, and extreme reliability. This ammunition
has also been annealed for those who like to reload and want a perfect gas seal in the chamber.
Performs well in any platform with any configuration of barrel length.
Intended for the following uses: range ammo, reloadable ammo, hunting, and self defense.

Our 62gr loads are NOT M855 and do NOT have a steel core. These are purely a traditional lead core and as such as ideal for ranges that don’t permit M855 and other steel core ammo.

As with all of our offerings, this is loaded in new, annealed, high quality brass.

If you choose the bag option, your order will be shipped vacuum sealed in super thick 7 mil puncture resistant bags, 100 rounds per bag. If you choose the box option, your order will be shipped in 50 round cardboard boxes with Styrofoam trays.